What camera does IISuperwomanII use to vlog?

Intro to IISuperwomanII Superwoman is the People’s Choice Favourite YouTube star! She has over 10 million subscribers and is best known for her hilarious comedy videos! What Camera does YouTuber Superwoman use to vlog? She uses┬áCanon PowerShot G7X. Many other successful YouTubers use this camera too! It’s the perfect choice if you are looking to... Read More »

What camera does PewdiePie use to vlog?

Intro to PewDiePie Love him or hate him, PewDiePie is the champion of YouTube with over 50 millions subscribers, and earns over $10 per year! He started by doing hilarious videos of him playing video games, which later turned into reviewing video games, and now he uploads all types of videos! He did create a... Read More »